When in love… the romantic traits

I am a romantic soul deep inside and I love to see other people in love, holding hands, looking cute together, having the lovey-dovey air about them.
floris mon amour book coverI think it all started when I was 8. I ran across a trilogy (people who have read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instruments series will understand). Mine was called “Floris Mon Amour” and it featured a young man named Floris who ended up in all sorts of perilous situations in order to save his sister. In one of the later volumes, they find out they are not related at all and a madly beautiful love story starts – with her trying to win his affection and ending up in a mix – with scenery ranging from France to Russia and then the States.

Back to my own thoughts – I love romance. The feeling of togetherness that only two lovers can share. The smiles, stolen glances, throbbing heart beats, all of these can make my day. You would not believe the number of times I started one of my day-fantasies with “He bent down to kiss her”…

Please tell me I am not the only one in here going through this or is this a female thing? I do not hear men fantasizing about love (or maybe they don’t do it openly) (or maybe they love beer more 🙂 )

So, I decided to put together a small list of best gestures that a couple in love are likely to do. I do not wish to do list of phrases as they are so many and from poet to bus driver, everybody has said them at one point.

Things people in love will do.

  • smile when the phone rings without looking at the screen as they think it’s the person they love
  • taking 30 minutes to write a two line SMS as they want the wording to be just perfect
  • when the person they like enters the room, the face will light up, the eyes will get bigger, a smile will be curving the lips upwards. It’s like they want to see their loved one with all their body, not just the eyes
  • general body posture is towards the one they love. The feet are pointing that way too.
  • taking more than 5 minutes to choose an outfit to wear on a date and more than 15 to pimp up
  • sigh and sulk when the one they like is not in view
  • constantly talk about the attractiveness of the other
  • hold hands with fingers interlocked with the lover
  • nuzzle the neck
  • go in for a small kiss and then for a full blown one
  • kiss the brow
  • hug and hold the other tight as they would be one body
  • cuddle and sleep in the other’s armpit, head resting on the chest
  • touch every inch of the body (hands, chest, legs, back side of the knees)
  • look dreamily into each other’s eyes
  • touch noses and then move away to come back for a kiss
  • touch hair
  • keep the distance at less than 30 cm apart at any time.

What are your romantic gestures?

We look at each other like we are about to kiss

We look at each other like we are about to kiss

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Written by theFerkel