The scariest movie of the year award goes to ….

The Conjuring

You know it’s a good horror when you scream throughout like a little girl, when you grab your date’s arm in weird places because you don’t want to appear like a wuss and hold his hand and moreover, when you start covering your eyes with your hands so you don’t get double scared when something pops out of the dark. That does not mean you won’t get goosebumps from the music.
I’ve seen this movie yesterday and I was still shaken when I came out of the cinema. I’ve seen loads of movies regarding demonic possession like Anthony Hopkin’s “The Rite”, the lovely “Exorcism of Emily Rose”, the 1973 classic (and still unbeaten in my list of horrors), “The Exorcist”, and the story of the pregnant teen, “The Last Exorcist”. The list of demonic possession movie can go on for hours but there is a full list that can be found at
I’ve seen loads of other movies with haunted houses like Jake Nicholson’s haunted hotel – “The Shining”, “Rose Red” and “Paranormal Activity”.
But when a movie has at the beginning the dreaded lines “Based on a true story”, you know it’s gonna be with you for a while. “Amitiville Horror” was good but “The conjuring” was way better.
It’s the classic story of a couple who lock all their savings into a house bought at an auction and they can’t move. The house has an old spirit of a witch haunting it and countless ghosts keeping company. Shortly after they move, the girls started noticing odd things: – whispers under the bed, foot yanking at night, sleepwalking episodes, new imaginary friends for the youngest, people in the room, ghost attacks. The mother starts having unexplained bruises and when her spirit weakens, she gets possessed by the witch that urges her to kill her children.
It was good! Filled with scary moments from day one! I do recommend it to anyone out there looking for something better than “Mama”.

The Conjuring (2013) on IMDb


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Written by theFerkel