Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason
So feel good about it. I had a mind blowing moment when the guy I thought could care less about me said that he was attracted to me.
We’re going to Manchester at the end of the month and I said:
“We’ll be sharing the bed”
“Yes, as friends”
“You don’t have to keep repeating that, I know you’re gay and you’re not attracted to women, you’re not attracted to me, nothing to worry…”
“..but I AM attracted to you.” he looks at me and I can see he is being sincere about it. No glint of humor, no joke. “..it’s just that I won’t be sticking my penis anywhere near you.”
My heart went to my throat. It was beating fast… and I had a glimpse of an alternate future where he would be saying the same opening words and then we would kiss and hug and cuddle and be together forever. But I am imagining WAY too many things from just one sentence.
Hah! so interesting, how can you be attracted to someone but not want to be close to them in “that” way? I’m a Scorpio and life without sex feels like a paradox.
I thought I had fallen out of love with him and we’re just friends and then he says this. We’re just friends all right but we are attracted to each other and we both know it.
And we’ll keep on behaving the same as before like nothing was said and done.
But hey, what’s life without a few surprise points?

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Written by theFerkel