Manchester Pride 2013 Best Of

I had a great weekend in Manchester – took loads of photos during the big weekend and I have seen the Pride in all its glory. Yes, I am straight, no, I do not feel anything when I kiss another girl (unlike Katy Perry) and no, I did not go to the Manchester Pride because I am so deep in the friendzone I cannot see my toes anymore. I went because I wanted to see Manchester first, the Pride second and have a good time.

And I was so surprised! People have been really nice, really open, and except for a few instances where I have been offered drugs when waiting at a cashpoint, there have been few shocking points. The Pride Parade was well organized, no incidents and I was so happy to see both very young and very old people attending. This – after overhearing a conversation at the Info center between two women:

“I am not taking my young boy to the Parade! I don’t want him to see all those obscenities”.

I really wanted to butt in and tell her that the telly has more obscenities than he’ll ever see at the Parade but then I stopped. I have not seen the Parade before so I had no way of knowing whether there were going to be naugthy things showing or not. (There weren’t so to that woman, BOOO HOOO Bitch)

And now for the beautiful pictures!

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