This survived the fire

[large][AnimePaper]wallpapers_Kingdom-Hearts_seventy2seconds(1_33)__THISRES__92260“…vessel? Yes, I guess you could call me that. Not the one you think. No, this one is unique. Change my shape and you will see what I carry. But don’t worry, I like the spill as long as it is my  own…”

“…and at what point must we convince ourselves that we are mortal?  And how do we do it? I know it well, but why not live the lucid dream as long as I can?…”

“…it was a death. It happened quickly, undesirably, and you try to filter out the good times we had. She did not kill us, but it was her
decision whether or not to keep us alive. Perhaps our passing was  long in the making…”

“…skipping stones in a dry creekbed gave me little more than a vague  perception of my future romances. Not one stone I strike is unhurt, untouched, and unshaped by the past waters…”

“…but you never thought or talked. As far as I knew, you were alive  by your actions alone. Even now I don’t know why you avoid talking to me about her. Fuck you if you think your mind or choices don’t need explanation. We are few who can reasonably explain our motives…”

“…you shrunk and shivered while I lost a friend. Oh, I cried so much  in desperation of the few choices available. Some thought my actions  were malicious in intent. There was always full confidence in what I  was doing, but I never intended to hurt anyone…”

“…face burnt, my heart simmered over the fire of her image in my  mind. Nothing was important to me because the only creature I loved had killed and sneered. Of course I was ‘fine’ in your eyes, but I was lying to all. I didn’t want pity, I just wanted understanding for the cause of my unhappiness and for the involuntary shudder that she  caused in my environment…”

“…you fall in love, you tell yourself that everything will be  alright. How do you later tell yourself that it now has to be  otherwise? How do you make yourself understand that you won’t wake up next to her anymore? How can anyone cry so much that they claw at
their eyes long after the tears stop flowing…”

“…You have to understand that pain is always temporary. It can seem  like an eternity, spanning centuries; the pain eventually ends. If only I could give you the choice I never had. The choice of illusion or reality. Illusion enveloped me, and I wonder now why no one on  the other side ever bothered to toss me a line…”

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Written by theFerkel