The kiss – I wish I dreamed my desires more often.

I had a dream last night. I was driving in a powerful car up a mountain road. I know the car as my little one took me for a ride once when he borrowed it off work. I look to my right, and there he is, smiling that sheepish smile of his.
I ‘m thinking – this is so remote – anything can happen here… anything.
So I pull over looking at him. He looks back at me. I know what he’s thinking – she can’t do anything out here or anywhere because I won’t feel it. I’m gay so I’m protected.
Hmm – my mind does not grasp the concept very well when I’m dreaming so I climb into his lap and stare down into his eyes. And then I kiss him.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time.
His lips are so soft! And as I pull away from the first chaste kiss, expecting to hear all about how creepy I am, his head follows mine, keeping my lips locked with his.
He’s responding! I thought to myself and pushed my head down again, taking claim of his lips.
I kiss him deeper now, feeling his hot breath on my face, moistening his lips with my tongue, melting away from pleasure. I manage to catch my breath and I look at him. He’s still smiling but his lips are red and moist. Irresistible.
I kiss him again and my head is spinning… and again … and my insides are melting… and again… until my alarm goes off.
I get up slowly, still warm, still smiling and I go downstairs where I could hear him preparing breakfast. He was half-naked and looking good!
“Good morning my little Iulia” he says.
“Good morning Blakie. I dreamt with you last night.”

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Written by theFerkel