Keep Calm the British way

Keep calm and Enjoy the weekend
Feeling better again – Thank God I’ve got an optimistic mind that won’t let me down for too long. And a very long list of hobbies. And a date tonight!
Well, it might pan out to be nothing of consequence, but I still feel good for @trying out@ some different products in the feel good isle.
I’ve managed to stretch my salary a little – got paid only a meagre 600 quid last month because of my trip to Ro and the fact that my vacations are not paid for – and after paying all the bills, got stuck with 300. To last me for the next 25 days…. well. That being the issue I looked where most of my spending was going and found out that my car was the main culprit. I was paying in car insurance over 280 pounds so if I got my poor Clio back and running again, I would be able to take the other car off road and ditch the expensive English insurance (robbers).
So, I tried out a new product from for Head Gasket Repairs and it worked!! My Clio was functional again and even though the breaks are a bit rusty, it was a runner!
This morning I listed my other car for sale on Ebay and cancelled my insurance.
My budget still has 300 quid in it and I will not have to look forward on trying to live with 20 pounds for a month.
I’ll put a picture up of my Clio so you can see the state it was in when I went in for repairs!

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Written by theFerkel