After Earth – Booo

I decided to give the new movie starring the deadly father and son combo (the Smiths) a go this weekend and due to the magic of the Cineworld Unlimited card, I could go whenever and see whatever.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith / After Earth

Will Smith and Jaden Smith / After Earth

So, even though I saw a score of 5 on IMDB (and IMDB is king when it comes to ratings), I said, what the hell, it’s a Sci-Fi, it can’t be worse than the Tom Cruise Oblivion remake. I was soooo wrong. The subject is centered too much on the desperate struggle of a boy to get his father’s approval and some of the scenes made me cringe thinking that in real life, Will Smith is the same with his son around a dinner table or out in the woods.
I know that Will is trying to get his son to follow in his footsteps as an actor and this is why he co-financed the Karate Kid remake a few years back to have his son included. I would him rather spend his money wiser – like sending his son to an acting school. Don’t get me wrong, his acting was acceptable (compared to a few horror flicks I’ve seen) and he will get better, but his facial expressions are always whiny and at some points made me want to kick him.
I found some scenes nauseating – not from the content – but from the overwhelming desire to put across a point. Like “Look at me, daddy, accept me, daddy, please love me as I’m a big boy now and I learned how to conquer my fears, be less of a wuss and defeat the URSA”.
Good points of the movie (and why I rated it a 5 on IMDB rather than a 1) – the awesome surroundings, the weapon design, the animation put into the monster – that would have taken a few teams of very skilled CGI artists.
I know this is not the end of Will Smith & Jaden Smith movies – but Will – please, please, if you want to introduce your son to the world as a class A actor, please make sure that he IS a class A actor. People will know and it will show in the ratings.
What really made my day though was this picture I saw on 9GAG before the movie. And yes, his expression did not vary that much from the below

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Written by theFerkel