A hug a day keeps the doctor away

It’s been a few days since I talked about our lovely gay gorgeous guy. We’ve been going to the gym together and while he’s looking hotter, I feel sore all over and have found it increasingly difficult to do simple tasks like putting my hands up for Detroit or snap my hair back and forth.
Instead, I have been feeling the need for some affection and I’ve been getting loads. I got a massive cuddle yesterday after work (think about a 3 minute hug) and a lovely chill-out while watching telly. I was really tired so I put my head down on the pillows on the couch. Three seconds later, a hand creeps up and starts stroking my nose. And then my chin. And when I tried to bat off the hand, a finger started caressing the back side of my palm.
Needless to say, I enjoyed it. Even though afterwards I figured this is something you would do to a napping dog rather than a woman ūüôā
Oh, why couldn’t he be straight!! Damn genes or bust brain – no idea what causes the gayness attraction – but still, screw it. Perfect little guy with one massive flaw. Not so perfect. Eh, who am I to complain, I have the naughtiest mind in the world and I thrive on one dirty joke a day!
And hugs. Let’s not forget hugs!
9Gag Hug Me Rabbit

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