Dexter Morgan, my favorite serial killer

I think “Dexter” was the first time I loved the series more than the book. No offence Jeff Lindsay, I feel robbed! I bought the books and the story was bland, the characters not nearly as cool as in the series, and the dialogue lacking. I stopped buying the books and went for the DVDs instead.
The best part of the show is the main actor, Michael C. Hall whom I loved ever since I saw him playing the gay funeral home director in “6 Feet Under” (I’ve seen all seasons twice!). He manages to come across as unfeeling and short of a psychopath playing normal. It’s like me on my time of the month! 🙂

I read somewhere that Dexter was such a huge TV hit that people actually tried to mimic him by chopping up people and saying that they had a Dark Passenger too! I’m not surprised, the world is filled with people so deranged that a simple fiction TV series (or book) can tip the over the edge of sanity into a pool so dark they cannot see reality anymore. Like that chick in Cluj (my home town) who decided to end her life after seeing “Avatar”, sad that she will never see Pandora.
Why can’t people just enjoy it and not think any further?
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Written by theFerkel