Blind Date

I decided that I was not going anywhere with my little cute gay landlord so I decided to go out with a guy I’ve never seen before. Except online. Partially naked. Really hot. He pulled up in a posh car, gave me a kiss and a cuddle and we had a reaaaally good time.
gareth4 gareth3 gareth2Problem is, I cannot keep my mouth shut. During the “date” with Monsieur Gareth, I have been talking about my crush, what he does, how cute he is, how happy he makes me and believe it or not, my date felt compelled to say that he will call me again and had to rush off. Well, how do I say this – he won’t be missed. One, he was way too short for me, two – he spoke in a very aggressive manner, fast pace, like he wanted to know the answer straight away without a pause. Him having an army background made it clear to me that he would not be around either way and made me realize something really important:
I love my gay best friend.
I do.
I really really do.
He is funny, he is attentive and he – as much as he can – loves me back. He even said the other day – “Jules, if you were a man, you’d be in my bed by now. We’d be partners for ever and ever”.
“But I’d still be fluffy and you would not want to date me”
“I’d take you to the gym, make you work out until you were toned and date you then.”
I told him about my date and he was shocked. I did not think he would be jealous but he was! He asked me about 6 times – “so, are you going to see him again?”. And everytime I said “nope” he would get a bit more relaxed. I told him that he is my no.1 man and when I decide I wanna get really serious about someone, I’ll let him know first. He chewed on this piece of information for a while and then yesterday he comes up with this beauty.
“Jules, we should get married. I don’t know how it would work, but I love you. We could have an open relationship. And separate bedrooms. But we’ll do all the rest together.”
I was trying really hard to keep a straight face. Me love him so much! And I did think of this but … hmm … not with separate bedrooms 😉 and not that open of a relationship. Me want him. It sucks sometimes that I can’t get him to like women, but well, the day is not over yet and there are plenty of possibilities.
PS: Advice for the lovelorn: If you love somebody, don’t try to date. You won’t like whomever you pick because you’ll keep comparing them to your crush, you’ll bore them to death with tales about your guy and your crush will suffer from not being in the center of your universe anymore. It will make him jealous and possessive and bring out the ancestral side of men. They will try to claim you and mark you as their territory (even though they don’t do anything on that territory).
To make it clearer, he came to me after telling him about my date and rubbed his body against my side. He said I’m his lamppost and now I’m his again ’cause I carry his scent. Weirdo 🙂

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Written by theFerkel