Thank you boobs!

I’ve been trying for a while to at least get to base one with my landlord who is attracted to the same sex… (not the same as mine though) and I have finally made some progress! Yes!

I bought some t-shirts off of e-bay (pre-worn, pre-loved) and there was one with the Buffalo’s (I assume that’s some American football team). It was a size too small but still looked great on me and I decided to wear it out shopping.

I come downstairs and what I hear: “Damn! Look at those knockers! OMG! They are huuuuge! I’m not going shopping with you! All the men will be staring at those! OMG! They burn my eyes!”

I look down, and yes, the t-shirt was clinging to my size D (or maybe E) boobs. He’s gay, he shouldn’t be affected by boobs! So, I decided to wear the t-shirt to see how much I can make him suffer (evil laugh). HE makes me suffer well enough being cute and sexy and adorable and walking half naked in the morning (or sometimes just covered in a towel so I can admire his pecs and muscular legs), so why shouldn’t I? 🙂

So, we went shopping. He would lift his hand up to shield his eyes from my boobs when he was talking to me and he told me not to jump up when I was feeling excited. 😀 I jumped, and bounced and even convinced him to do a chest slam! He staggered back a few feet and if my eyes did not deceive me, I can swear I gave him a boner!

Not all hope is lost, dear friends! He can be swayed to straightness (and to my bed) and once he goes Ferk he never goes beck! I so suck at rhymes!



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