Why do I like guys that are not available?


So here I am again, tortured and tormented by this devil called love. I know men and women can never be friends once they pass the intimacy barrier- ie: seeing each other naked, hearing a muffled fart here and there, getting hugs for coming home, calling an texting just because…
Hey, I might be wrong, there have been flatmates before, and housemates, and they managed somehow to survive in close proximity without falling in love or worse.. falling in lust!
I’ve said before that I developed this weird crush on my totally out of the closet landlord and I find myself hoping that one morning he will wake up straight. or at least bi-curious.
I can’t wait to get home so I can see his cute mug, watch his toned body moving about and wishing that this urge to ride him like a pony would go away!
It’s so bad that I’ve lost all interest in the rest of men-kind and the only person I would like to be with is him.
I would like to wake up in the morning and have him next to me, I’d like to go to sleep cuddling next to him but it seems so pointless … he likes tails. I don’t have one! I won’t be able to give him the shaggs he deserves ’cause I ain’t got the tools 🙁
Maybe I can be inventive!
Heh, I may have a problem. I feel absolutely in love, I have the fluters, the weak knees, the desire to constantly touch him but he’s unavailable and will never be available for my kind.
I remember reading in an article that women go for men they can’t have (gay, married, bosses) just because they know they can’t have them and being rejected is a real possibility.
Plus the thrill! Doing something forbidden, taboo, out of social norms! Count me in!
I shall now lie and tell you that it never crossed my mind how awesome it wiuld be if I converted a dedicated gay guy to the straight life after a good roll in the hay! But as he said it: if you don’t like fish soup (that’s the single type of food I find too disgusting to eat), you can’t enjoy it, no matter who cooks it for you.
Meaning that I am as attractive to him as fish soup is to me.
Eh, I still love him. Fish soup or not.


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Written by theFerkel



Don’t fret…perhaps they are just not that missing piece in your puzzle of love…one day, you will surely be able to locate that missing piece…have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers~ 😀


Oh, I know, but I like obsessing over people! I am like Elvira from the Looney Toons when she gets a new pet: “I wanna hug ’em and squeeze ’em reaaal tight!” 🙂 have a brilliant day as well!


LOL…That is really one interesting obsession…may you find the right man for you to hug and squeeze him reaaaallll tight.
Cheers~ 😀

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