Still happy :)

It's cute when someone stays up late just to talk to you
I think I am one of the few people that can count themselves lucky with what they have. Yes, I still yearn to cuddle my landlord’s hot body, but I learned to live with the fact and accept that one’s preferences cannot be changed by fate.
And that I would be a complete jackass to try to convert him into straightness. How odd would I feel if all of a sudden, a girl I knew for a few months suddenly came on to me and try to convince me that lesbian sex is more awesome than anything I would have experienced so far? Not good. Not good I tell you. I would be intrigued like I was when somebody mentioned Ice Cream and Coke together but not interested enough to actually give it a go. So we stayed house mates.
But – maybe because I am cute as hell (when I want to) – or maybe because I was bold enough to tell him I was attracted to him – I kinda get special treatment now. I can occasionally do the dishes (this IS a great accomplishment) and he is polite enough to try on what I cook. I’ve tasted my cooking and it’s disgusting.
Side benefits of having a gay best friend – you can stop wearing makeup (not that I did in the first place – I like myself au naturel). I can stop wearing a bra (sigh of relief here) and I can totally drool over guys in movies. I mean – how hot is the guy from Game of Thrones (Jon Snow) or Zach Effron, or Justin Timberlake? YYYYYUUUUM! And we can both go: “I would so take him in and have him round the house!” lol.
And the best part is: when you’ve had a really long day at the office, there will always be someone at home waiting for you to hear all about it.
You know what? Compared to my ex – this guy has been a jewel. He’s not complaining, he’s kind, considerate, ever so lovely and even when I become really annoying he’s telling me in a very gentle way to pack it in :). Oh fuc…fudge. I am screwed. Totally and awesomely in love 🙂

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Written by theFerkel