Things are getting better

I love my life! I really do 🙂 I am in love and it feels great. The guy I love might not love me back in the same way I do but he does nonetheless!
We were both playing around in the kitchen and I told him I would still talk to him even if he hated my guts😄
He goes “awww! let me give you a hug! ”
I said “no! no!”
and he comes up to me and gives me a massive bear hug! and then tries to climb me like a tree! I was laughing so hard, trying to pick him up and I managed to get his ass off the floor and run with him wrapped around me! It was funny!!
Me like him! I just told him righ now 🙂
He still scowls and ignores me but I feel it chipping away. The massive wall that he had built around himself is starting to crack and little by little I feel that he will come to be on my side of the page.
PS: I have not initiated any moves towards him since the Tesco failure but it seems I was worried for nothing. He hugs me loads and even started making funny comments like :”do your boobs make a slapping sound when you turn from side to side at night?”


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Written by theFerkel