When it rains, it pours … and then floods

It has been raining for the last three days and it does not seem like I shall have any luck fixing my broken down car… Not that I have any mechanical talent to speak of, but I am way too cheap to actually go to a mechanic that quoted me the price of the car + £300 to fix it… I have hands, I have a strong manual, I have replacement parts. I am good to go.

Back to the weather. Here’s how it looks when it Floods in England:

British-flood-weather10-26112012-jpg_105431 British-flood-weather11-26112012-JPG_105039 British-flood-weather12-26112012-JPG_104903 British-flood-weather1-26112012-JPG_103350 British-flood-weather13-26112012-JPG_104749 British-flood-weather2-26112012-JPG_103521 British-flood-weather3-26112012-JPG_103921 British-flood-weather4-26112012-jpg_104221 British-flood-weather7-26112012-jpg_104522 British-flood-weather9-26112012-jpg_105240 British-weather-flood10-23112012-jpg_103652 British-weather-flood11-23112012-jpg_105158 British-weather-flood12-23112012-jpg_105303 British-weather-flood13-23112012-jpg_105418 British-weather-flood2-23112012-jpg_110101 British-weather-flood3-23112012-jpg_105747 British-weather-flood4-23112012-jpg_105540 British-weather-flood7-23112012-jpg_104644 British-weather-flood8-23112012-jpg_104348 British-weather-flood9-23112012-jpg_103804

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