Happy St. Patricks Day! And a happy thought from me to you.

It’s slowly getting more obvious to me that I have made a few bad love choices in my life, but it’s not going to stop me from looking again. And this time, I shall not make a move. Not me. No, no.
I used to give really strong signals when I was interested in someone and due to my extra powerful animal magnetism, I would usually conquer that person in no time. But because of this approach, I never experienced the more subtle approaches, the looks, the heart throbs, the stomach flutters, the tiny little jumps the heart makes when you hear the other person saying “I hate you for buying chocolate” and then after a small pause. “Actually I love you”.
Still talking about buying chocolate but … well… hmm, I felt happy for no reason for the whole day just because of this.
So I’m trying to make myself better. I want a man to love me to the core as I am with all my faults and blunders. And I think it’s slowly happening. I had a wonderful weekend so far and I had a wonderful weekend last week, a wonderful weekend the week before and so on ever since it’s just the two of us living in the same house.
Maybe I’m reading into this way too much. Maybe I have a crush and I’m just reflecting my own feelings onto him (like Pi did with Richard Parker in the “Life of Pi”.)
But what I feel right now is a hell of a lot more than I did last year.
And I am happy.

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Written by theFerkel