Did you say domestic dispute?

I have been having a great week so far and it’s all thanks to my landlord. I know last time I was saying that I was kinda developing a crush on him… well… I did something bold.

I told him I wanted to … hmmm.. how should I say this without getting offensive… I wanted to try out the candy in the candystore.
Well, it turns out that he also likes candy, but not my style of candy. He likes … hmm… cakes and cookies. Still sweets but in the other camp.
Heh! Now there is a loss for all the women in the world – a good looking guy not batting for the team! Why does he have to join the ranks of Enrique Iglesias, Zachary Quinto, Elton John and Gandalf and Dumbledore?!

The best part is that I’ve never had such a special friend before and I shall take very good care of him. ‘Cause he’s special! We’re going to be best buds and have an awesome time together!

This ain’t gonna happen:

Sir, did you call in a domestic dispute?

So to all you guys out there reading this: I’m (still) single, happy and most of all, feeling good about myself. I was starting to think that my seduction power was wearing off but it ain’t! 🙂


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