About Love

All of you probably have a number of reasons for falling in love. There are times when you fall in love with someone you never thought  much of before, and there are times when someone who’s been on your mind suddenly becomes the one you love.

I’m pretty happy at the moment ’cause I feel that I’m slowly falling in love again. I’m always the sceptic when it comes to love due to the previous disappointing act of a certain someone so I thought – OK, let’s be fair. I am pushy, bossy, have a grade A+ personality, I am not dumb by any means and if disturbed in my natural habitat, I can destroy the other just by using mere words. So there is no way that someone would find me lovable, unless I hide my true self away. And the person they would love then would not be me. And I would hate me.

I don’t want that so I went full blast, enjoying myself, going out with friends, taking loads of pictures everywhere I went, reading book after book, seeing movie after movie and guess what – soon enough there were people interested. They were popping their heads to have a closer look much like the meerkats did in Life of Pi.


I understand that beauty is subjective. What one person might consider beautiful, another might not. I also understand that feeling pretty and being pretty are two very different things. Some people might not think you’re pretty but if you feel pretty – that’s all that matters.

So – while being my pretty self – I got discovered like “Africa”, conquered like “America” and I’m currently undergoing a process of transformation similar to the one that Spiderman went through in his 3rd movie (yeah, I know, I watch way too many movies!).

I’m nearly in love. I say nearly because I love with my mind and my mind is the hardest to convince. I love everything about him. He’s strong (way more than me), super good looking, taller and broader without being menacing and has a pair of lovely warm hazel eyes. He’s absolutely awkward when it comes to opening up and talking but there is always one thing I have been good at ever since I reached my teens – to get other people to talk to me.

I agree – I was interested in him first – but I’ll be damned if I showed it! He started the game, I slowly joined it and we’re still playing 🙂 I love this part of a relationship. It can either doom it or make it bloom and I sure hope it’s the latest ’cause the guy – he’s worth it.

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Written by theFerkel