Generrall Phrrases in Cockney

In an Emergency

Help! Help! Elp!
Call a Doctor Leave it out, I don’t need no bleeding quack Leeeeve it aht, I don’t need no bleedin’ quack
Call an Ambulance I aint going to no hospital neither I ain’t going to no ‘ospital neeever.

Communication Essentials

Hello Alright my old china? OrWhite me old china?
Yes Yes Yeah
No No Nah
Maybe Perhaps Praps
Thank You Ta Ta
Excuse me Oi! / Get out of it! Oi! / Gerroudofit!
I beg your pardon You what? You what?
No thanks Shut it you tart. Shat it yoo tart.
Do you speak English? Do you speak English? DOO YOOO SPEAK THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH?
I don’t understand. I don’t get you. I don’t getcha.
Could you repeat that please? Come again sweetheart? Come again sweetart?
I understand Clear as crystal darling / I get you CleAH as crystal DAHlin’ / I getcha

Generrall Phrrases

I don’t speak cockney It’s all Greek to me sweetheart S’all Greek to me sweetart.
Don’t you agree? Isn’t it? Innit
It is not Ain’t Ain’t
Oh my! Blimey! Blimey!
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Written by theFerkel