A true friend

Have you ever met a personIn love with my friend
that fulfilled you deep inside,
Someone who has never failed you
and stands, no matter what, at your side.

Someone who gives from their heart,
who brings sunshine all around,
always smiling and laughing,
never seeming down.

Have you ever watched a sunset
across the ocean shore,
and been filled with love and peace,
never needing more.

Have you ever listened to the wind
blowing restlessly through the night,
and heard the angel’s whispers
helping you to see, when you’ve lost sight.

Have you heard a song that moves you
and sets your soul free,
and makes you forget your pain and anger
or makes you feel wild and happy.

Have you ever given to someone
when you didn’t have it to spare,
and felt so worthy inside,
that you didn’t care.

You see, my friend, heavenly creatures surround you,
so listen closely to what they say,
they’ll bring you all of life’s riches,
as they guide you along your way.

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Written by theFerkel