The epitome of boredom.

I was cornered. The glistening eyes, watery and needy, looking straight at me.

It was my grandma who was looking for entertainment in the nearest shopping mall. With her best friend. Both of them over 70.

Grandma (right) and her best friend (left).

Grandma (right) and her best friend (left). They’re both about 1.60 and over 70years old. I felt like a giant walking between them. Or a banana and two kiwis. Or… 🙂

And I was cornered into driving them there because … well, it was Saturday and hell, I don’t have a boyfriend I need to hang out with nor any important tasks. Who cares I have two books I’m currently reading and I want to finish them before the end of November so I can review them in peace? heh!

It’s not good enough yet, but it’s close enough!

Real Hypermarket, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Real Hypermarket, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

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Written by theFerkel