Breaking Dawn Part 2

I love vampires. I love Dracula Style Vampires.

Being born in the center of Transylvania, I know my share of folk tales about the undead, the blood suckers, the ghouls that get up from their graves at night and steal virgins from the nearby village. I also know a lot of ways to kill such beings and I was absolutely thrilled by this idea of immortality and also scared by it. I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula when I was 15 knowing fully what it was about and it still managed to scare me shitless. Pardon my French. So I started devouring every type of vampire book that I could find (except the shitty books from the True Blood which looked like pamphlets).

I love a good read and a few years back I stumbled upon New Moon. I had no idea that it was a phenomenon, nor that it had another book before it, nor that two would follow. I picked it up from the shelf because it featured on the synopsis a love story with a vampire and a werewolf. YEY!

Edward and Bella - Twilight I loved it.¬†I’m not hard to please but I do have the ability to recognize shit when I see it or in this case read it. I loved the depression, the angst, the longing. It was beautifully described and I wondered whether the same amount of feeling could be found in the other books by Stephanie Meyer.

So I went on ebay and got myself Twilight (Eclipse wasn’t out then). I read it and I found it a load of crap. It was bland, the character Bella lacked the substance I have seen in New Moon, she was so pathetically common that I see why the series was a success and why I didn’t like it. She had no personality to speak of and every girl could identify with. Except me.

I tossed it in my bookcase and I went to see the movie. Needless to say that Edward looked nothing like the hunk I imagined but he was passable. And Bella was exactly how I imagined her… so yes.. I was¬†disappointed.

I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn due to the fact that I don’t like to have incomplete series in my book case (what if my kids want to read it and they LOVE IT and I only have like two out of four volumes and in this new world where my kids live in there would be no means to get the rest of the books.) I might sound paranoid, but I know what I’m talking about. My parents had a series of books called “Floris, mon amour” (yes, translated from French) and the last book was missing. I read the first three books and then I went crazy because the conclusion was missing.

I searched everywhere for the last book and it was nowhere to be found! The publisher stopped releasing it in 1976 and it was not in the bookstores nor online. I finally stuck luck a few years later as I found the missing book in another part of my parent’s bookcase (I could say I read my way to it).

So back to Twilight. I went to see the movies for the other books as I could not bring myself to read them (afraid of further disappointment). I walked out of New Moon because it did unjustice to the book and huffed over Eclipse. But something happened with Breaking Dawn part 1.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Bella Transforming It was getting interesting again. Predictable, but also the turns were more abrupt and the story was brought up by the mad sex scene (yes, I was waiting for that one to happen as I could not explain to myself how a bloodless vampire can get blood to the most important part of the body in order to “get it up”) but it looks like this wasn’t explained properly.

But the love was tangible (even though there was zero chemistry between the actors) and the surprise came with the wolf bond between Renesmee (such a stupid name for a child) and the werewolf (I no longer know his name, I recognize the pecks).

I was like “wow”, this is good. So good, that I started waiting for part 2 since last year to see how it ends. I haven’t read the book yet and I’m planning to start it next week after I finish my current read because it’s worth it.

I’ve seen part 2 tonight and even though imdb rated it with a meagre 5.8, I gave it a 10. Bella has a personality! Yes! She behaves like a protective mother, a concerned wife, she’s so active for the first time! No more of that wishy washy attitude and there’s some serious fighting and gore going on. I loved it and I’m going to watch it again once it comes on DVD.

I was totally prepared to go in the cinema and diss it from start to finish but I couldn’t. It was like X-Men meets the Cullens. Super powers, shields, loads of action and, yes, Taylor Lautner shows his sculpted body again (drool).

It’s a definite must see (and must read). Congratulations to the cast, the director, the producer (S.Meyer) they’ve done a really good job for the end of the series and it shows.


PS: Bad parts: Due to the high definition close-ups, I could see every hair on everybody and it really bothered me that they did not take any time to do their eyebrows properly. I mean, you can see stranded pieces of hair everywhere. And man, that Patterson is so not cute close up. (I’m not saying he’s ugly, just unnatractive). Just look at him! (and got forbid he shaved his chest. Why would he do what’s quite normal in the actor’s branch? I mean, having limp hairs just sitting there on the chest… and only on one side of the body? Nevermind. De Gustibus non Disputandum.

Robert Patterson Close Up

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