About Temperament

A person’s temperament can be quantified by psychological means and I found out I’m a sanguine.

Because my temperament is predominant sanguine, I’m an extrovert and I have a low level of nervousness. I am calm in most circumstances, I am in charge of myself, master of my own destiny, hard to get angry, hard to influence and manipulate. The extroverts are present and future orientated (this is why I’m not interested in history and who did what and when). The extroverts are easily adaptable and find it easy to make friends in alien environments.

You’ll see me singing with ET and his crew if he were visiting!

From the sanguine temperament I’ve gotten the ability to rule and be the ring master. I like to be in charge and suggest things to do, even in my own group.  I would have made a great queen if I would have been born a few decades back.

I’ve also gotten the loquacity, the social skills,  the ability to blend in, the helpfulness, the fun – all traits of a pure-bread sanguine.

From the choleric, I’ve gotten just the optimist side. Whenever I have an important paper due, a deadline at work, I tell myself, – Hey – there’s no way I can do absolutely nothing! So I do something, and more than once, more than enough!

I am active and don’t like to waste my time.

From the melancholic temperament, I’ve taken the calmness and nothing of the drained look, tired or bored.

Last, from the phlegmatic, I’ve taken the control, the peace and the ability to carry deep feelings.


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Written by theFerkel