So tonight, I went to the theatre! The Idiot by Dostoievsky was playing and not having read the book, I relied on my best friend to tell me the synopsis and let the theatre engulf me. I should have read the book. I had no idea what was going on most of the time and I thought I had entered in a psychedelic experience rather than an interpretation of a world-known novel. There was Russian music (sung beautifully by the main actresses) , loads of drinking which is customary to the Russian people (though it was Champagne and not vodka) and I kept asking my friend – who dies? There isn’t a Russian book (from those I’ve read) that does not involve at least one death.
I decided to come home and read the book online and see for myself if they were true with the script.
I had no patience for the book so I went for the GoodReads review and the wiki entries. It was enough to see that I have paid to see an alternate ending to the known story. I’ve spent 2h on a farce. I’m never going back to the theatre.

Kidding. Gotta see Machiavelli.

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Written by theFerkel