Drunken Awards 2012

Now you all know that my favourite poison is tea (loads of it and as sugary as possible) and the one thing I have avoided doing ever since reaching puberty at 12 was drink. I don’t drink nor do I smoke so I can say I’m a teetotal. There are loads of people who do this so don’t shun me for being a purist.
I don’t like alcohol. I think the only time I touched it was after a bad breakup and even then I got woozy after a Pina Colada. One Pina Colada. Only one. That I shared with my cousin. So yes, I avoid it like the plague.
And if you do drink, here are a few reasons not to (or at least drink with moderation).
These people are sh&t-faced. So drunk that they fell asleep where they were staying, sometimes in incredible positions. Oh, also I had to edit out some of the nudity as this blog is PG rated.

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