What you SHOULDN’T WEAR for Halloween

Furry boots and a nightie
Any types of clothes that show too much… genitals
Any clothes that would make your granny die of a sudden heart attack.
No belt on your jeans… erm… maybe some jeans with legs to start with.
I know the zombie look is in this year, along with the return of “The Walking Dead” season 2 but I would not show my titties to anyone … for free :)) Just kidding. I think those girls are so comfortable because their boobs are like pimples. Barely there.
No costumes endorsed by McDonalds or KFC. I know you need to look cheap but fries and bucket cheap is a new low.
Any deviations from the standard interpretation of a classic costume. Or said in plain language: Ya shouldn’t wear a pimpin’ costume! Yo! I think he’s saying “Luke, yo, I’m your m%”^$king daddy, yo!”

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