Scarisoara Cave

Been on a road trip this weekend to a cave located approx. 140miles away from my home town. Spent 5h on the road (compared to the 2h Google estimated) just because the roads were bad and windy but had the time of my life.
The irony was that in total, I drove 10h to spend 10 minutes in a massive cave called Scarisoara. The cave itself is not very wide but it goes a great distance in height. The nifty part was a block of ice weighing 75tones that was inside the cave since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The temperature in the cave was about -2 degrees celsius (constant throughout the summer) and you could even see snow at the entrance.
Here are the pictures:

The Descent

The Descent

Pestera Scarisoara

picture from inside the cave looking towards the exit – you can see the tilted railings and the snow on the ground

Ice formations in the cave

Now, the weather outside was great, 31 degrees Celsius, no clouds and great weather for tanning. And we were freezing our fingers off just a few meters below the surface. I could even see my breadth! And then we walked on the 170 steps it takes to get out and by the time we were outside again, I was breathing like a steam locomotive! The best part was that the walk back to the car was really easy – after all, my muscles were already pumped up and screaming for more!

Scarisoara Cave, outside

On the outside

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10h for 10min? that must be some cave! i remember visiting one a few years back. the stalactite and stalagmite formations were simply awesome. it would be nice to see ice formations one time though 😀

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