World of Romcraft
World of Romcraft

I’ve read a few articles recently about the French asking to have the gypsies returned to their origin country (ie. Romania) and even giving them money to do so.

Are they fecking stupid?

Giving money to a gypsy for not doing anything other than existing is equal to showing a man a pot of gold and leaving him alone in the room with it… They are bound to take advantage of their stupidity and then cross the border once more to receive the treat again and again.

Wonder what they do with the cash? Luxury palaces, luxury cars, all registered in fancy places like Germany and France and then they still whine, showing the world the poor quarters, the horrid conditions that some of them live in and demand equality treatment up to the International European Courts.

20% of the gypsies are poor. The rest of them pretend to be poor and go around begging for cash (I’ve heard one in Paris asking for a euro) while displaying impressive golden teeth, golden bracelets and a clear skin that only healthy living can give you.

What really surprised me was the fact that people still give them when they ask.

They should feking stop doing it!

They caught a beggar in Cluj carrying no less than 2 phones and a smartphone, an MP3 player and found out he was making about £100/day…. I work my ass off here to get a decent salary and he goes and makes what… £3000/month for extending his hand? Poor guy…

Sending them back to Romania won’t do us (who still live here) any good. We want them gone too. We want to be dissociated from them. They call themselves Rroma. We are Romanians. The name resemblance is too high. They should call themselves Gypsies and start integrating with the nation that adopted them. Learn their language and ways, stop living in castes and get a job! (The last part would be hard as everybody would be afraid of being robbed). Either way, the French are more accepting. They should integrate them and give them jobs.

I’m huffing and puffing here to let go of some steam I have gathered on this issue. First off coming from the fact that the first time I shook hands with an Italian in camp, when he found out I was a Romanian by origin, he quickly withdrew his hand and counted his rings.

I’ve never been more offended in my life. Just because 2% of the population is of this shitty origin, it does not mean that the rest are!

Too bad our reputation precedes us. And what’s even worse is that the young generation of Romanians all wish to become like gypsies when they grow up(not all-all but most of them). Not go to school, get a big house, a shit hot car, a wife that will not do more than make kids and dinner and then party away on music…did I mention not going to work either?

Either way, if you ever see a gypsy begging, remember these:

Gypsy Palace
Gypsy Palace
Gypsy Palaces
Gypsy Palaces
Palace from GypsyLand
Palace from GypsyLand

Gypsy Palace from Teleorman, Buzescu

Gypsy Palace from Teleorman
Gypsy Palace from Teleorman

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