Wedding Bouquets

Was sorting out some wedding photos from last year and I grew increasingly obsessed by the bouquet. Am I crazy? It looked like the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. Crunchy, fresh, innocent and young. No wonder such attention is given to one’s flowers. Roses are a must as the red ones signify eternal love and the white ones stand for purity and heavenly silence. Lily stands for purity and beauty.
Awww, I keep thinking about when my day will come.. whether I’ll ever get married or not. I keep thinking I should definitely do it for the fun but I keep putting it aside until my other worries are gone. And until I find a boyfriend lol. Here I am thinking about marriage and I’m totally single. Maybe I’ll do what that American woman did and marry myself in the church. Yes, like my family needed more proof that I was odd.

Either way, enjoy the beautiful flowers 🙂

Thank you Felicia Farcas (now Maros) for letting me add these online 🙂

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Written by theFerkel