Summer Plans

It’s summertime still! I have been so happy just to look outside and feel the breeze blowing! And the birds chirping! And the warm sun rays coming down on my cheek. I’ve been so pumped up by this feeling that I never ever wish for the winter to come again. Hmmm, better move off to Africa where it’s summer all year long! Or Indonesia! Or maybe the Amazon.
Actually, cut Amazon off. They have Jumping Spiders there! A spider is bad on its own, but a jumping one is double the trouble!

Back to happy thoughts! So what are you doing this summer?

Chilling in the Pool?

Going to the beach to play in the sand?

Growing some vegetables in the garden?
Picture info: Farmer Giovanni Betti of Rancate, Switzerland, proudly presents his giant pumpkin, weighing 230 kilograms, on Thursday , Oct. 10, 2002. With this pumpkin Betti will compete at the upcoming European pumpkin competition in Seegraeben, Switzerland, on Oct. 12/13. (AP Photo/Keystone/Karl Mathis)



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Written by theFerkel