I lol’ed and then I felt bad about it

Lady Gaga button hair - or maybe banana slice

I think hats are so overrated. I mean – the Queen wears them! I want to have my own type of hat! One that looks like a massive button on my head and reminds me to put some banana slices in my breakfast

Lady Gaga Grammys - Crow on her head

Or maybe I’ll go with a stuffed bird attached to my head. The meat dress was not talked about enough and I want people to notice me! ME! ME!

Lady Gaga with a lobster on her head

Do you think people will notice me now?

Lady Gaga funny hair - Umbrella

The paparazzi cast a flash light that really tans me. Better go under a shade!

I lol'ed and then I felt bad about it

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Written by theFerkel