Thank you Johnny Depp!

Well, I ran across a few pics of Johnny Depp and I wanted to share them with you folks out there. He used to look so good when he was younger! But I suppose everybody has to get old at one point. Even though he still looked all right in the Pirates of the Carrabians, he is still more “yummy” in the Edward Scissorhands movie.
My opinion.

Which one was your favourite shot/movie?

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Written by theFerkel



I love love love Johnny Depp. 🙂
Pick a favorite… I couldn’t. 🙂

Tom Baker

The very last photo looks like an exact copy of a photo I have seen of Prince. It’s funny. How can those two look alike?


Maybe it’s because they are very effeminate looking? This is the same reason women love them – they have the same type of facial features. I do admit he looks more manly with a beard/tash but all men do.

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