A view from the top

As a part of the dares list from Tom Baker I decided to pick the lovely
Photogenic (New)
Post a picture of yourself with a person you would not normally approach (a rabid football fan, a neon raver, a crazed cat woman, etc) or post a picture of the place you live in from the tallest place in town (building, mountain, hill, etc).

I currently live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (for those unaware on the positioning, check Google maps). The city is ancient, built before the Christian times by tribes of Tracian heritage called “Daci”. They were shepards and warriors and they manage to fend off the Roman Empire from 44BC to 106AD when they were conquered by the Roman general Traian. The city was then called Napoca and you can see it on the old map here:

They were assimilated and the country was divided into 3 major regions (Transylvania – NV, Vallachia – S and Moldavia – NE). It was bigger than the current Romania and with subsequent wars and the assimilation of other nations (Turks, Serbians, Germanic nations and Hungarians) we came to be what we are today. The ancient parts of the city are still preserved in the center town (you can see old housing from 2000 years ago) and we kept a lot of latin words in our own language and even some really old Dacic words . This is the city today as seen from a few different points (some are from my house which is on top of one of the hills surrounding it) and some are from a hill inside the city.

Cluj-Napoca City Center
Cluj-Napoca City Center, as seen from the Cetatuie Hill in the middle of town. The old church that can be seen there is the St. Michael Church built in 1390. The green patch in the middle is the Botanical Garden (built in 1920 housing over 650,000 species.
Cluj-Napoca City Center
Cluj-Napoca City Center (as seen from the Cetatuie Hill inside the city) (The huge trees in the bottom corner are part of the central park (which also features a small lake)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania (as seen from my house)
Cluj-Napoca in the winter time
Cluj-Napoca in the winter time, as seen from my house balcony
Cluj-Napoca from the top
Cluj-Napoca, Romania – as seen from the hills around it (higher than my house)
Cluj-Napoca in the Summer Time - as seen from the nearby hill
Cluj-Napoca in the Summer Time – as seen from the nearby hill


  1. Love the pictures and the captions! Beautiful.
    I wanted to do this dare but as I live in NYC, I’d have to trek up to the Empire State Building and then pay to go to the top deck observatory to take my pictures. It’s scenic and usually worth it, but I don’t think the point of this challenge was spending money to complete a dare, so I chose to avoid it! I love your photos though. Sooo gorgeous ❤

      1. Of course! The last time I was up there, I was very young. I probably still have old pictures from the family album..next time I’m home, I’ll try to dig those up and post some then & now shots!

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