Hellow dear 16 year old me! I have some news for you!

I decided to pick a few dares from Tom Baker’s List. Why? Because they all sounded so cool!

Category: Youngins  Write a letter to your 16-year-old self and post it. Detail your journey.

My dearest and sweetest friend,

Of all the people you have met and ever will, you and me will always stay together. I love what you like and everything you have ever read, I have as well – and I can give you a few tips now on what not to read but I think you will ignore me and read them anyways because you never went easily with another person’s opinion. Yes, I know your motto: “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

You are a talented child. Believe in yourself more and you’ll do all right. You might think that you ain’t got the looks and there are prettier girls out there, but remember – this is the best you’ll ever look (:)) and second, beauty is transient. There’s no point being an empty-brain bimbo that will look wide eyed at any man and fade away into the crowd by the time she’s 25. If possible, try to change highschools. I know you hate it now and you’ll hate it even more in the next years. If you can’t change schools, take some karate lessons and beat the crap of BB. He deserves it for the ass that he was and will be. I know – I have met him again after years and years and he still thinks that tormenting you day after day has been “fun” and that we “had laughs” together.

You, my dear, are hot blooded and will turn into a nympho. Keep watching porn as it will deter you from ever wanting to go near a wang until you’re old enough to pick your own. Don’t drool over SC and yell in the middle of the forest that you love him and you will never ever be another man’s woman because (even though he felt the same for you) you are not meant to be anything more than good friends. Don’t drool over O as well. You’ll fall in love with him and it will burn as hell because he’ll date your best friend before you can manage to say you love him. I would still like you to experience the feeling of seeing the man you love walk down a corridor to meet you, dust particles shining in the summer sun, his eyes warming up at the sight of you and you melting slowly inside and wanting to wrap yourself around him like a weed. Keeping your feelings in touch, you shall know him for years to come and eventually the heartache will go away leaving you with one of the best male friends you’ll ever have.

Don’t be so scared to talk to people. I know you keep thinking that it ain’t your business what others are doing, but make it so. Go out, have fun, make memories that you can look back fondly at.

My last advice, my love, don’t change who you are and your core believes. It made me into who I am today and I am loving the me now. Be yourself even when you will find friends lacking as you will develop some awesome hobbies.  Read books as they will open up your mind and fire up your imagination. Be open with your feelings and learn to be a go-getter sooner. I always get what I want and whom I want so be sure to choose wisely when you go on a hunting spree. Looks do not matter (but you already know this) – what really matters is that he will compliment you (not with words) and will be like the rain enveloping you without changing you in any way.

Live long and prosper!

Your 28 1/2 year old self.




    1. Yes! I feel so sad that 90% of the young people today did not even read a book from start to finish! I’ve been to the pool the other day and a guy was “bragging” that the only book he ever finished was “Lizuca” (which is like Alice in Wonderland but in 30 pages rather than 100).

  1. Beautiful letter. So POIGNANT. You’re giving yourself the hope that there will be love and that even though it’ll hurt, it’ll be worth it. Great message. I can see that you are content where you are, and that’s a great feeling!

    1. Thank you! I am happy right now (even without a man in my life). Got loads of hobbies to keep me going and this is definitely one of my favourite ones!
      Failed love affairs can also be good for you. Too bad I can’t write songs about it and win a few grammys like Adele did!

      1. Adele is good only in small portions though. Like 1 song thrown in every now and then. I wanted to gouge my eyes out (Or well…somehow impair my hearing LOL) after the whole album back to front was done. I think she could make depressed people suicidal.

      2. I loved Rolling in the Deep as I could put it on full volume and see the car vibrate with the bass. The other depressing shit, not so concerned about as I only listen to it when I’m in the same mood.
        No need to spoil a healthy optimism by going down the depression route. Did you know that normal kids can become EMO just by hanging around other Emo kids and listening to depressing tunes?

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