30 Days of blogging honesty – Day 9

Day 09 — When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

10p. I don’t give anything above this amount. It’s a miracle if I donate to charity alltogether.

Having seen the profit sheets of an international charity organisation and how much they pay their people to do “charity work” in underdeveloped countries, I am not keen to indulge them. For example, charity X received 64m in donations in 2010. From this amount, 32m go to paying 150 people which do admin work out of which one average guy took home 64k/month in a middle management position. Travel & lodging expenses for a few people to travel to these countries and setup work climbed up to 1.2m. In the end, there were only 18m left to actually buy supplies and medication…

There is no way I am going to give £1 in charity knowing that about 10p reach the end person and the rest keep others well fed.

I am a generous person and I often donate good stuff I don’t use anymore – but I give it hand in hand to people actually needing it.

Every spring I collect about two massive bin bags of clothing, shoes, purses and general stuff I do not actually wear/use anymore and there is always a gypsy rummaging in the appartment building’s garbage cans. I call to them a day in advance and tell them to send a woman the next morning that needs clothing. Last year it was a very pale looking young female with a child attached to her hip. She was ever so happy!


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Written by theFerkel



This is a really hilarious statement, “It’s a miracle if I donate to charity alltogether.” You are right, we should help others in the ways we see fit…not been guilted by others…like those charity tins at the cashier.


I really like this post. Sometimes people forget that charities don’t always give 100% of donations to the cause they’re helping and that some it has to go to the people actually running it. It’s fine I guess, people have to make a living. But you should be aware of how much you’re “paying them” to aid in your cause.


Well I don’t know about that. I see a win-win situation. I get some space in my closet and she can fill hers.

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