30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 4

Day 04 — A blogger friend I’ve known for over five years told me she has been blogging anonymously all this time and most of what I know about her is her fantasy. My reaction to the news is…

“You were lying about the fact that you were a 5’6″ blonde girl, with stunning blue eyes and a perfect 90-60-90 figure?? And you’re not living in the Los Angeles rich area? And you’re NOT a movie star?”
Just kidding. It would not surprise me much! Most people lie about who they are on the internet because they can’t be seen face to face. This is the beauty of it! Why not reinvent yourself, get rid of all your flaws, turn yourself into the perfect person so that people will sit in awe when they read your bio?

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

I was doing market research for a while for a customer of ours and to better understand the gay and lesbian community I (a woman), created a fake identity called “Tony ” (not real alias) who was a thin caucasian male who had just identified his attraction to the same sex. I went on and started thinking where would a thin gay man go so I joined the Gay Cork community, talked to the people there and I was really surprised about the fact that they were not all sex crazed, thinking about the next group roll-on but actually discussing current laws, talking about the community rights and planning outings to bring awareness to this minority group. I enjoyed it so much that I started spreading the cause and became one of their most active members (despite my identity change). I loved being gay for that month. I loved it so much that I started checking the behavioural and lingvistic of other members and adapted mine accordingly. I loved it so much that I am planning on putting the famous rainbow flag on my house and leave it open for international gay travellers.

Links: http://www.gaycork.com/

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I’m surprised you thought gay men were all sex crazed imbeciles – I mean men in general are all a little sex crazed, but just like straight men, its not all they think about. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂

I wish I had created a new identity for myself on the internet, but I suppose I could do it any time, thats the beauty of the internet!


I have a confession… I was curious on how they do it… and I downloaded a gay porn movie. My eyes were never that big before! Even now when I think of what I saw I shudder! That’s where my idea came from 🙂


you’re right, it won’t be surprising… in fact, it’s nice to have an alter-ego online… just to see how far you can go with being a different person.. 😀


🙂 True! Currently I’m trying out being a Man and it’s quite fun! I get to chit chat with blondes, scratch my invisible balls and fart in public places :))


LOL I love donning a new identity! I think though, that this question was aimed on a more serious type of relationship between you and the person who just revealed that their life was a fake.

I don’t think we should take anything for its face value when we read a person’s bio. But it’s different when you’re talking to them day after day for five YEARS. You think you know them, they’ve told you about birthdays and what makes them laugh or cry.

After five years….you have a connection to this person. Hell, after a few months of actively talking, you have that connection. Then you find out they’ve lied about EVERYTHING. And maybe they haven’t gone from being a perfect bombshell to a slob, but just from one real person to another, different one. It’s confusing. It’s like you have to erase the past and start over and you don’t know who you’re actually friends with. The person? Because the image was fake. The personality? Fake too. The quirks? All invented. So then how can you still be friends?

Spending a month as a guy already opened up your eyes to a whole community. Spending 5 years as friends with these people as Tony and then revealing your identity….I’m sure they would be upset.

Hell at the end of this challenge, I’d be a little confused if I found out somebody had been giving fake answers and stories and anecdotes about everything. The person I got to know was fake, and then…I don’t know how big a deal it would be, but it would be weird. I’d like to think that this challenge will help us be honest!

KAY sorry for the novel. Peace <3


Well, I’m sure that some of the honest stories are not as honest as they should be but they are really close to what the truth is (let’s say about 80% truth and 20% embelish).
No person can be completely honest with another person without exposing themselves to ridicule and worse, torment. So there will always be a part that’s not said, a part that has been modified for the reader.


I always have a hard time not revealing a lot about myself. I think that’s just who I am though, an over-sharer. I want people to know exactly who I am and how I feel about everything just like I do in the actual world. So I’m not really sure how people can be anonymous online.


LOL! Yes, on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. 🙂

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