30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 26

Day 26 — I would break the law to save a loved one if…

I’d get a share of the cash. 🙂 If my loved one decided to crack open a safe, rob a bank or even take one penny out of every internet transaction, I would want a cut and then we can both live like fugitives in the Maldives. I would be his gettaway driver, I would be his accomplice or even help on the money laundering process.

I was even joking to him that I would have loved to be a mobster wife. Your hubby coming back from a transaction with a sexy scar on his face, smelling of gunpowder! I would find it most appealing. I would be cool with anything as long as it’s not drugs. I’m not cool with drugs.

The other approach of answering the question would be when he’s not breaking the law and I would to save him. Hmmm, in what instances do you have to break the law to save an innocent person? I would say it’s actually helping the law to save them. I feel a scenario coming up. What if he’s been targeted by some really bad guys who want to kill him and the cops are corrupt or not doing their jobs. I would be breakin’ an’ entering the bad guy’s lot with a machine gun and get rid of the problem myself.
Gangster Lady

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Written by theFerkel


Tom Baker

No, no, what I meant to say is that when you asked what I would answer; I should have said that day 26 is the only question in the 30 days I have not already answered. We will see though. You just have to wait for my day 26.


Welcome to the “Attracted to Danger” fan club! Now accepting gangster wannabes, mobster wannabes and no footballers.

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