30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 20

Day 20 β€” I’m half naked, cold, tired, hungry, hurt, wet and just washed up on a deserted island. The first things I need to do to survive is…

throw away my wet clothes so I don’t get pneumonia. I would put them somewhere to dry off.
Second would be making a fire to warm up and also use it to deter creatures from closing in. If I had no matches I would use the method of sparking a fire with two stones and some dried fluff from trees.
I would then look for somewhere out of the open where I could hide in case of an emergency (climb a tree and sleep there).
Being hungry is the worst! I am terrible at recognizing what is edible and what not (this is why my cooking sucks) and I would probably poison myself with berries. I would steer clear from any mushrooms. I would look for fruits and even some parts of a tree bark are edible.
I would try to get a weapon – a stone would be good but some sharp wood ends will also go a long way.
Being hurt means I can’t move much. I do know medicinal plants which is a great help – I could treat my wounds and the terrible stomach I would get from eating unknown berries.
Once I can move a little, I’d try to make a better shelter and to gather food for one or more days. I can’t hunt and I get sickly if I see an animal getting gutted so my best survival scenario is if I become a vegan.
Not eating meat though has its disadvantages. I would grow weak in a week or two and finding berries would be a pain. So I guess I must toughen up and kill some squirells and maybe a groundhog or two. I’m not adverse to eating frogs either (I had them once when I was in France).
Using a sharpened stone I would skin them carefully, let the skins dry inside sand and then manufacture new clothing. From the fire – I would maybe do a few kebabs and the meat intake will help my teeth not fall out and my hair stay in place. Being a fish addict, I would construct some nets and put bait in them to lure the fishies in.
I think in about 2 months I would be living confortably in there.
The only downside would be boredom πŸ™‚ I would crave for a book or two!

If that’s not bad enough, knowing my libido, I would be hunting for the nearest village as soon as I can move a little πŸ™‚ safety being last on my list of things to do. And then I would be a new thing in their corner, with my strange language and looks I would be definitely:

a) chosen as the village mascot

b) eaten in the next celebrations

Hoping that it’s a) I would be definitely not having to worry too much about catching my own food. b) however is a dead end πŸ™‚

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Written by theFerkel



Umm… I want to find you on my island when I wash up on its shores. πŸ˜€


LOL! Yes, you’re right. There are certain things we will not be doing together but you can still start the fire, cook and hunt… Well, we can do all that together. It will be fun.


ROFLOL! I’m with you on that one! Too funny! πŸ˜€


You would even make shelter, I had not even thought of that…Like Sweets has said, it would be great to get lost with you. You got it all covered πŸ˜‰


Damnn, I love this scenario. I also love how we think alike ;D Survival skills ftw. If I was ever on a deserted island, I would pick you as my partner. We’d turn it into a good ol’ kingdom (queendom?) in not time.


I obviously n eed to catch up on your blog haha! But LOL I hope you end up being the village mascot too. Or maybe they’ll start worshipping you as a goddess. Looks like you’d survive though so WOOOO!! I don’t know about squirrel meat, you should train so you can kill a bear and eat it. Food for a month! hehee

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