30 Days of blogging Honesty – Day 2

Day 02 β€” Not including food, blogging or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)…

Oh Tom Baker, why did you have to go and remove food from the list? I have so MANY guilty pleasures in there! Like eating Thai Ramen with Sea Food Taste which stinks up the house and smells like kitty litter. Like eating Carraway soup with garlic which gives me runny guts in about 30 minutes after consumption. Like chomping on pistachio ice-cream having a radio-active green colour while watching The Walking Dead. And many more!

Well there is something else not many people know about me.

I enjoy watching anime series (usually horror and historical ones) and have gathered quite a collection. Plus reading Manga (I got a few favourite series which I read and re-read as time goes on).

Let me see my favourite ones:

  1. Saiunkoku monogatari (a story about a young girl who wants to become the first female official in the emperor’s court. It’s 2 seasons long and it shows the life of the early Japan with the schemes and intrigues which come at any court)
  2. 12 Kingdoms (a girl gets taken into an alternate dimmension where she finds that she is the ruler of one of 12 Kingdoms. Treason, backstabbing and again a very good insight of what a good and bad ruler is about)
  3. Boku-ga Ita (a really cute love story (triangle in fact) about a guy who loves a girl who loves a boy who loves a girl who died). It’s very well done and the characters are as realistic as they can be
  4. Lovely Complex (again a very unusual love story between a 172cm girl and a 156cm boy). I laughed my ass off in some parts as it reminded me of my highschool years πŸ™‚
  5. 5cm per second – three stories about couples who are taken apart by circumstances. It’s absolutely magical animation, a screenshot below:


I kinda lost many nights watching these and was not able to pry loose from some of them until I read anything I could find. I did not sleep two days until I read the entire series of “Angel Sanctuary” (heaven vs hell in a fight over mankind), I read “Akumetsu” about 3 times (a story about a 17yr old who can clone himself and decides to tackle coruption by killing everyone – and a clone of himself – I think it should be done in today’s times as well) and read the “Hana Yori Dango (boys over flowers)” about two times, both times not being able to stop until 26h passed since I started.

Well, I think by now I sound like a real Otaku (person of white origin overly obsessed with anime & manga) so I shall stop before you think that a person nearing her 30’s is not allowed to watch cartoons anymore.Β  πŸ™‚


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Written by theFerkel



Cartoon on! No need to feel guilty about this pleasure!


5cm per second sounds divine, now I want to watch it. But I have enough procrastination right now, so I’ll wait. Cool post…I don’t know if I would have known you were into anime by reading the (admittedly minimal) few pages of your blog that I’ve read in the past few days!

Tom Baker

Far too many people would have filled Day 2 with food and I wanted a little bit of variety. This is a question Cherlyn came up with and I think I tweaked it. She is awesome! I believe the two of you have similar responses today! Great minds again. I have watched a few anime from what Netflix offers so I will check on these you have listed.


Netflix? You pirate! :)) If you can’t find them I’ll post them online thus breaking every law in the country. I think I need to get my own server though as 56Gb is a bit much to upload πŸ™‚


Anime eh? Not shabby indeed – I’ve dabbled with some anime, nothing too serious I suppose though, just stuff like Spirited Away, Akira, and Dragonball Z – not to say I’ve never been fascinated by Anime. It’s such a beautiful type of artform and I’d really love to get into some more, but I suppose I’m a bit overwhelmed. This a pretty good sounding list though, I may have to check these out πŸ™‚


There are some beautiful movies about! The last one I saw was Arriety (the borrowers) which the Americans made into a 3/10 movie…
What I did, I went onto IMDB, went onto the animation list and downloaded the first 500 movies on the list (This is for TOm who uses Netflix).
The best part is I have seen some Spanish animation which was absolutely fantastic (Chico & Rita) and THE indian break up story of Sita and Rama with gorgeous 20’s music (this one is on youtube as well if you look for Sita sings the blues).


Ahh! Very interesting. Now, I want to watch some anime, too. πŸ˜€


I also enjoy a good anime every once in a while, though I don’t really consider myself an avid anime watcher. That’s probably only because my friends who are into anime are INTO ANIME so I feel weird comparing my love of it to theirs.

I haven’t watched any of the animes that you listed (yet, at least) but some of the ones I really like are Code Geass, Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist (the original and brotherhood) and of course all of the Miyazaki films!


I loved Full Metal Alchimist! Seen the movie but could not watch the Brotherhood as it was just the same story retold.. Evangelion was awesome! and Miyazaki! I know where you’re from


But it’s not. Brotherhood is only the same up until episode 11 and then it branches off into a different story, the way the original creator intended it to be. The characters are developed so much differently. It’s like watching two different shows with similar characters up to a point.

It’s nice to see someone like Evangelion. Most people I talk about it to don’t understand it.


Really? I have read the manga and noticed that the ending in the anime was different. I’ll re-try watching the brotherhood πŸ™‚ Evangelion is awesome for mecha lovers – I’ve seen a few since like Escaflowne and well, all from this list:
http://japancinema.net/2010/08/07/top-10-mecha-anime/ πŸ™‚ I kinda stopped following the genre after finding the horror kind


Yes. The first series was created before the Manga was finished and so the creators of the first series had to kind of make up their own stories and develop the plot how they thought it might progress.

FMA: Brotherhood is actually supposed to be the ACTUAL story. I’m not 100% sure though because I haven’t read the manga.


Those are lovely cartoons series you have. I especially love this one Boku-ga Ita. Your guilty pleasure rocks πŸ™‚


I have many more πŸ™‚ Those are currently my top 5. To extend my list I would add
Kare Kano (his and her circumstances – great love story and the ending song is soo cute)
Hell Hound (about out-of-body experiences)
Mushishi (a story about a guy who can see tiny spirits and gets rid of them)
Bakemonogatari (cute little anime with fantastic dialog. I mean I had trouble keeping up with the concepts that they were splurting about – very similar to Juno the movie)
Loveless (a bit pedo/gay for me but you get into the story real quick and if you can get over the older dude loving a 12yr old boy you’ll love it)
Love Hina (cute harem story)
and for all the end of days doom stories – X1999 (both movie and series have great characters and the artwork is sooo cool)


I live the walking dead and the anime I have watched I enjoyed. πŸ™‚


I LOVE ANIME! I think I fell in love with anime guys like Kenshin and Gensumaden Saiyuki guys LOL

I can’t stand reading Manga tho’ … but I love watching anime… I especially love the themesongs πŸ™‚

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