30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 15

Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

neither. Why?

Scenario 1: Infinite Time

If you have infinite time you can also have as much money as you want (build a fund and just live on dividents).
I would spend it learning, going places, reading everything there is to read, playing sims. After a while, boredom will become a problem and I would become a hedonistic person looking for pleasure everywhere. The boredom aspect would be so big that I would become snappy, unhappy, always looking for more thrill and basically slowly sliding into the dangerous part of life. I would have sex with countless people, gamble away, try all the hardest drugs, become an addict and then would be an addict for infinity. I would not like the person I would become.

I would try to get better, get into rehab, dry away all those things that made me bad and then I would face the sickness of the 20th century: loneliness. What good is it all the money and time when you don’t have anyone to split it with?
I would be looking for love but the burden of infinite time means that all the loves I would have would perish eventually, leaving me alone.
I presume I would do what the immortal vampires from Anne Rice’s books did: build a secret organization and watch over the world. Millenia in, knowledge acquired, I would live like a God, playing sims with Real people.

Scenario 2: Infinite Money

Having only a lifetime to spend infinite money, I would buy a beautiful house(several even), decorate them and then travel about in luxury, stay at the best hotels, be catered by the best people.
Problem: no-one will really be your friend anymore. They’ll be either interested in what you can get for them or be envious of what you have and they don’t.
I have read countless movies about wealth acquired in a short time span and they have the same things happening: everybody is really happy for you and then they start leaching and talking about you behind your back.
Who would invite you to their xmas dinner when you have your palace and can stay in the best hotels?
The best approach would be having infinite money but not telling anyone you do and leave modestly among your friends and still have a job. Then, once a year, go on a vacation and spend there until you can’t anymore and then come back to your place.
This will still leak out eventually and you’ll be all alone again.

No, thank you.
I would rather live my limited life with limited money but be happy and surrounded by people who will always be there for me!

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Written by theFerkel



Nice Entry 😀 I guess my view on the question/blog is a bit broader…

I guess if you read my blog you’ll understand it if I say, I don’t care if people leech money off me and do not like me because I will most certainly still have my loyal friends and family…

I won’t be stupid enough to base my actions and happiness on the people who I know are just mooching off me. You can call me stupid or dumb but I like to believe that the friends I do have might be a handful but they will be TRUE friends… When you have your family, sibs and all..and your TRIED, TESTED and TRUE friends -I don’t care if I have to play TUPPERWARE with a bunch of social climbers and users… After all, if I am dumb enough to allow people to make my life miserable just because I have money, then I don’t deserve to be happy…

I know I sound idealistic even hopelessly positive… but I still have faith in people and that there are still good ones… it’s only a matter of finding them 😉 Besides, I’m anti-social so I don’t really care for having “LOTS” of friends who are actually casual/acquaintances only…:D

Who would invite me to their Xmas party? Nobody because THEY ARE ALL INVITED TO MINE 😀 You’re invited too.. 😀

and since I do have infinite money but only a span of time to live on it, I wouldn’t really care if I save or not since I’m not going to lose a cent.. as long as I put enough money for my family and loved ones -which they can use to live any life they want when I die… I don’t care what happens (after I’ve established my orgs and charities) because I will not run out of money after all, just time…


So true. Live and let live I say. If I got the cash and I share it hmmm.. I can say that I’ve been there once, when I decided to help out my family when I ran into some cash (worked cash and not won). The only result was that they made a big improvement to their houses, never said thanks and then showed it off to their friends like it was all them.
I was not expecting everlasting gratitude and my help was so that they have some spare cash for their getting old days or maybe a vacation, not a house remodelling… and then getting poor again and scrounging.
It kinda left a sour taste in my mouth and now I decided against giving out money even when I have it. I’d rather buy gifts that they can use (fishing rods, chess sets and so on as I get too pissed off when I see what they DO spend my worked money on)


I totally understand you! hahah I guess it’s a matter of perspective and experience hahah I wouldn’t be too frivolous with my cash if they just BS me that way… however, I would still probably help them when it’s a matter of life and death…hahaha but yeah, giving them THINGS rather than CASH would be better in this situation :))


Like you say,the best approach maybe having infinite money but not telling anyone you do. If you watch Person of Interest..a very nice series..there is a billionare who works incognito in his company. Other employees don’t know he is the boss and some even have the audacity to treat him badly. He hides in plain sight..I love conspiracies like those..


That sounds cool! But the problem is – no secret stays burried for long. Even dead bodies have a way of re-surfacing after a while.


You presume too much in the infinite time scenario! I don’t think drugs are an outlet. No matter how long I had to live, I wouldn’t try anything! But this is a really well thought out answer. You’re able to put greed and thirst for immortality aside, so good for you.


Well, I chose drugs as these are the main thing people turn to when loneliness is too big and no other vice can fill it.


Yeah I can see where you’re coming from. I think that the most bravery is required to reject both those options, although picking one over the other is still hard. So again, like I said, all the more power to you!


nice :-} ~ did not think that way ~ but i guess it certainly makes a lot of sense and that is what you want to do and that is the most important thing to do


Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to use or flaunt it. No one could know you have lots of money.
I love next to Sunset Beach and some of the residents are rich but you never know it because they dress in shorts and flip-flops, just regular flips flops. 🙂


I know, but I don’t want people to hate me ’cause I’ve got money and I’m putting on the “nothing’s changed” act. They’d say I’m a hypocrite or worse…


LOL omg
using the infinite time to play Sims
that’s just so ironic xD but.. but you could build a whole SIMS EMPIREE
ah so funny. I laugh.
But your conclusion is sweet!

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