30 Days of Blogging – Day 25

Day 25 — My biggest pet peeve that has nothing to do with blogging, being online, computers or anything else related to the Internet is…

playing with my cats. I do it daily! And they’re so funny! This tabby of mine is really sweet tempered and currently I found out she’s been shagging and now she’ll have kittens. I really thought she was too young for this but it seems I was wrong! Kittens away!!

My Tabby Cat Sleeping
My Tabby Cat Sleeping

Gosh! I misunderstood “peeve” – It’s actually something that ticks you off not gets you happy (peeve and perve :)) )
OK, I’ll answer it again:
WHAT TICKS ME OFF completely is:
the invasion of privacy. People coming into my room without knocking. People browsing through my things when I’m not at home and then making assumptions on half thruths.

I can’t stand either how some people don’t clear out their black heads and let them grow infected. *shudder* I saw one guy in Practiker, he had a massive black head on the back of his neck. It was so big it actually looked ready to explode.

I also can’t stand old people. Always whining and complaining about things they regret not doing when they were younger. No point crying now! And the way when you go with a bus they seem to eye you and appraise you like it’s any of their business. I actually had once an old lady screaming at me in the bus that I’m trying to suck men’s dicks because my v-neck t-shirt was showing 3% of my (generous) clevage. I wanted to hit her so bad but my polite parents taught me I should be a self-restraining lady in face of idiocy.

I also hate potholes for the obvious reason.


    1. My cat miaws a thank you.
      The privacy reared its ugly head when I returned at my parent’s home and they’ve been digging in my absence in my work papers (including the ones showing how much I earn). I was really pissed off. Being an adult means having the work you do private.

  1. The cat is adorable, and I hate cats. I Love old people. Growing up in church I would hear them say all kinds of outrageous stuff and not have any fucks to give. It was hilarious.

    1. hehe, that’s the difference between me and you. I get bored easily and after hearing the story once I can’t bring myself to be patient and hear it one more time!

  2. I hate potholes too. It is like there is a conspiracy to keep mechanics in business. I would much rather the city be slow to plow snow and fast to fill potholes. I hope when you are older people are more patient with you than you are now! Ha ha ha!

    1. heh! I’m not looking forward to my golden days if today’s youth will be paying my pension :)) I don’t know how to live with £0/day :))
      Neah, just kidding, they’ll be good at washing cars (at least the guys in my hometown). I like to think that I’ll be a kind old lady when I’m older and I will not have the audacity to bore other people with my past.
      I’ll keep a diary or a blog and do that instead!

  3. you have a beautiful cat! such a wonderful thing to have a cat at home, don’t you think? that incident with the old lady is such a bummer. in another life you could have bitch slapped her completely 😆

    1. :)) My cats are totally adorable. I wish I still had 3 but one of them got stolen when I moved house. I wish whoever got her she will be happy!
      regarding the obasaan(granny), I wish her early installed dementia will not be accompanied by other hard diseases like Parkinson and Alhzeimers (am I spelling it right?) It’s hard to be old but when you are old and nasty, then that’s double worse!

      1. i had a lovely cat stolen from me too about two years ago. it sucked so bad but at least i can tell whoever stole my cat will take care of it. but i’m still upset of course. monsters. agree with old and nasty, that merits a double face palm!

      2. I have one left now. My lovely tabby found a new home in a bigger house where she can give birth to her litter. I will go and visit them as soon as they are out!

  4. LOL at the old people part HAHAHA. She should really have minded her own business, you can wear whatever you want xD geez.

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