30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 22

Day 22 — Allowing another person to fully love me means they must…

get over my rowdy nature. I ain’t gonna change and that’s set. I have some habits that are well set in stone and I have quite a personality. I use it to the max when I want something.
I’m not nagging but I’m definitely demanding. Persuasion, manipulation, “what if this was you” kind of questions. They all work.
Being a woman is a hard task. Being a lovable woman is a lot of work. All men have their ideals set by their mothers or grandmothers. A woman should cook. A woman should keep the house tidy. A woman should never ask the man why he’s doing what he’s doing. A woman should never interfere in a discussion with an original opinion. Taking care of kids. Being pretty all day long with a manicure and pedicure and salon hair.
Well screw that! I can’t cook to save my life. I clean occassionally and on small surfaces. I always butt in and ask him why he’s doing stuff when I can’t work it out on my own and I never shut up. About anything. I occasionally wear makeup (only when I’m going out and never with him) and only go to a hair salon every two years. A friend of mine trims the end of my long beautiful mane of hair every 6 months for free.
He loves me in spite of all these things and sometimes I think he loves me for these things specifically. I am nothing like he’s seen before and he hasn’t seen all of me yet. 🙂

And now – a few tips from when women were lovable women!

50's tips for women


  1. Great advice here…why do they have to have their ideals set by their mothers or grandmothers? The cooking part to some extent is most unfair..not every girl can cook..

  2. Dude most of that advice is still solid today 😀 I love it haha. Love the way you ended this response – “I am nothing like he’s seen before and he hasn’t seen all of me yet.”

    1. *chuckle* I think too highly of myself! But then again, everybody should. We all have something special that makes us who we are and we need to bring it out to live up to our own potential.

      1. Well said! Psh a woman is entitled to think as highly of herself as she wants. It isn’t as if you’re expecting everybody to worship you lol

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