30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 21

Day 21 – The person or persons that do not read my blog but I wish he/she/they would is…

my boyfriend. He keeps saying he will but he is never quite doing it. He didn’t read the book I wrote either even though the main male character and his psychotic ex were 80% taken from him and his ex. He keeps dismissing it as something I do for fun and nothing big will ever come from it. I mean, blogging is an art! You need to think and talk as you were face to face with a crowd of people waiting for you to tell them what you found really interesting throughout the day. Or what made you upset, or happy, or angry.

I used to read for fun, now I read for fun and write for fun as well. I get involved in his fun activities, he should get involved in mine.

Cool Story Bro - Written with Cereals
Cool Story bro


  1. Wait a second, you guys aren’t together right now? But you were when you wrote it? *puzzled* Either way, good luckkkk ❤ I hope he begins reading…I wouldn't be able to stand it if my friends thought my blogging/writing was a waste of time. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be if its your bf that doesn't read.

    1. We broke up and now we’re tentatively talking again. I showed him the blog post and he hung up on me… I think I know how he feels and I do understand him.
      I bet you right now he’s having another read.

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