Oh, I never thought I’d say this

But I’m single again. One stupid fight this morning and the argument escalated to the magic breakup words:

“So you wanna break up?”

“I’ll send your things now.”

I feel terrible now and don’t know how to make it better. He’s not answering his phone and facebook isn’t the place to ask “how’s it going?” I think I might have been to harsh but I’m missing him and being away for a week and a half is pure torture.

“We’ve been apart months before” he tells me

Yes, but I don’t know how I managed then! I felt ever so lonely until now and right now I feel like there’s no tomorrow. I’m no suicidy but I need to seriously think whether he’s that important to me to call him and beg for forgiveness or keep calm and carry on.



    1. I’ll chew on this. I wonder whether he’s interested enough to break the ice first or whether he’ll be stubborn and perform and erase / delete.

  1. I really hope things will work out for you. I think you’re the only one who’ll know the answer about if he’s important or not.. have to agree that time will heal all wounds..

    1. I stayed and weighed all the pro-s and con-s and we had a great relationship when it came to communication and other more *cough* intimate things. But he was not completely honest with me about his Ex and sometimes I feel like I love him more than he loves me back…
      He didn’t call yesterday. I was with my hand on the phone about 40 times but I put it down and did not call waiting for him to make the first move.

      1. hmm.. well a relationship is a two way street so it shouldn’t be you doing all the loving!! Wishing you the best of luck figuring things out, but you seem like such an awesome person, so I’m gonna be in shock if he lets a gem like you go :/

      2. He called and he’s the same as me, not wanting to break up but unable to say he needs me and saying “Well, if that’s what you want, we’ll go”.
        I think we’ll take a breather to find out our real values and then we’ll get back together.

    1. Thank you! Getting more determined now. I’m not going to sit and suffer! Got things to do! Places to see! No men on my list from now on.
      Say – are you single? 😉

      1. LOL! Recently broke up with the boyfriend. Interestingly enough, we’re meeting today to talk. Ugh!

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