30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 18

Day 18 — I would agree or disagree that high school is/was the time of my life… Because…

Oh, I know some people out there loved their highschool years. Buddying romances, glances thrown over the shoulder, notes passed in class and many more. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I hated my highschool years with a vengeance!

My parents sent me to a rich kids school and not being a rich kid myself I found myself easily as the new bully target. Being a bit overweight, I could not fit in with the gorgeous ladies, being smart and always at the top of the class got me the “teacher’s pet nickname” and not having the latest brands on display put me quickly into the poor bunch area. I am by no means poor. My family is your average middle class family with bills to pay but also with a house next to the apartment and a few more investments in jewlery than I can count.

So, I counted my days until I could graduate and then the minutes and then the seconds. It was a major disapointment, so big that when I hit college I felt like I had reached heaven! I could talk again to people, make friends easily and generally get along without being looked down.

This year in June is the highschool reunion and I can say happily that I’m not going. I’ve had enough of those people for four years and there’s no point in spending another microsecond in their company.



      1. I’m just starting so hopefully I get to a few…It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one though. I was always accused of being difficult for the sake of it. I thought maybe I just hated HS because it wasn’t the popular thing to do – but no – others did, too!

        I like it – Live wildly, Ferkel.

  1. The kids you went to school with seem like real jerks. We had kind of a half and half population. There were a lot rich kids with millionaire parents, but there were also a lot of kids who were less well off. I never really saw it causing very many problems, but then again I spent most of my time in the band room. I never really got to see any conflict.

    1. Well, we had a caste system. They went to the middle school associated with the highschool and knew each other from way before. Outsiders were left on the outside and smart outsiders were being put down on every occassion possible.
      For example: I was eating popcorn – a jerk passes by and asks for some, I extend the bag so he can take it and he trashes it on the floor and then goes of screaming for the teacher saying that I did it. I tried to explain it but since the popcorn WAS mine, I had to sit with a broom in front of the class and clean it up as an example.
      Taught me never to share my food nor to eat pop-corn outside movies ever again

  2. That’s pretty awful, kids can be the worst. I’m sorry that happened to you..Your parents didn’t let you switch schools? 😦 If I don’t like something I usually just try to leave it haha..

    1. My parents insisted that I should bear it out ’cause this was their school of choice and not mine… and they could not say they made a bad choice.
      In the end – when they saw me drawn and tired at the end of my 12th grade, they suggested switching schools but it was 70 days ’till graduation and I said then I’ll bear it out for a few more days.
      I had fun at the graduation party though! Got together with a cool boy from another class that could not care less about what the others said (he got a bit of a snickering and bitch talk as I call it but he was man enough to shrug and make me have the time of my life! 🙂 )

      1. Wow they took so long to figure that out… I hope they realized that sometimes they make mistakes too! but sounds like the graduation party was really worth it though haha! Glad you had fun for at least a BIT of hs!!

    1. It was heaven! I attended two colleges at the same time (I know, I know, 16 exams every semester instead of 7-8) but it was a great opportunity to meet people! I had a circle of friends of about 75 acquaintances and 10 close ones. Compared to the big fat zero in highschool it was bliss!

  3. I liked this line, “I’ve had enough of those people for four years” it’s always good to avoid crappy people. They have a way of stealing energy from us. Not good at all.

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