30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 17

Day 17 — There are many mysteries in the universe. If there were one truth I could learn, it would be…

how I could become invisible“. That’s what I want to know. I know it can be done ’cause I’ve seen it in movies 🙂

It would be so awesome to go out and eat other people’s food, read their magazines, travel about in cars with other people, listening to their life stories and best of the best, sneaking in into all the movie star’s showers and snicker at their woodpecker size :)) I would start with the guy from Conan the Barbarian (the same dude who played in the Game of Thrones Season 1 as the Khalisi’s husband)


  1. You’ve read my post today so you know invisibility is something I would love to have but should stay away from. I might be temtped to revert back to my old self and drop by your shower! Ha ha.

      1. Tom, you’re a funny man. Ever considered installing a peep-hole in your own bathroom and watch your wife shower? This way you will be satisfied and she would as well knowing that you’re not chasing skirts?

      2. She knows I’m not chasing skirts! I do watch my wife shower but I don’t need to hide anything. And for the record, my past tendencies aren’t haunting me or anything like a drug pulling me back!

  2. Hmm yes he is a lovely specimen. My boyfriend just got me to watch the first few episodes of that show, and man, is it good. Plus – eyecandy! (And Sean Bean is awesome, I love him – though I’m sure he has to die in this show because he dies in everything he’s in pretty much).

    1. Yeah, he dies unfortunately – but it is really touching the way he does.
      I’m currently clawing at the walls waiting for episode 4 of season 2 to come out. best part is – I found that the series is based on books! Yess! The 5 volumes are currently being packed and delivered and I’ll have them hopefully by the end of the week!


    I really find the guy who plays John Snow and the eldest Stark delish as well… I want to watch the season 2 episodes but I don't have any idea where I can DL a torrent or something… gaaah…

  4. When you discover the secret to becoming invisible, please share it with me. I’ve got plans. 😀

  5. hahaha eat people’s food..
    this is such a good one. You should pretend to be a ghost! and ohh.. go into a 5 star restuarant and eat someone’s gourmet entree 😀

    1. Yep! They’d see it disapearing before their eyes! Nevermind the fact that meals served in a 5-star restaurant are so minuscule they seem to vanish if you don’t look at them from the right angle.
      Been to one in Bucharest and they served me a Salmon that was so thinly cut that you could see the plate under it. Paper thin salmon with some sauce for about £100.. I had to go to McDonalds afterwards to make up for the hunger.

      1. my wordpress hid this comment from me! And now that I’m reading it now it’s hilarious! “seem to vanish if you don’t look at them from the right angle ” XD Did you ever see the episode in Simpsons where Lisa is worried about being fat? She sees a model walking a catwalk and when she turns around she vanishes for a second (like flipping a paper) because she’s THAT thin.

        I can’t believe those gourmet places charge so much and give so little to be hungry after >__< and they call themselves restaurants!

    1. I don’t think so, I can still see my neighbour’s car even though it’s covered in it!
      And they don’t say anything about the smell, do they?

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