30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 6

Day 06 — My worst cooking disaster involved chicken supreme and my loved one

It was a beautiful December morning when I misread a receipe for Chicken Supreme. I was planning a romantic dinner for two following this receipe:


  • 2 small onions, sliced
  • 4 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 6 rashers of bacon,chopped
  • 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chopped
  • 1chicken stock cube in 100 ml boiling water
  • 400ml double cream


  1. Fry the onion and garlic together in olive oil until soft and golden. Remove from pan.
  2. In same pan fry bacon until golden.Remove from pan.
  3. Fry chicken until cooked. Add the onion garlic and bacon to the chicken. Mix together.
  4. Add the stock liquid. Add the cream. Stir until coated. Heat until fully warmed through
  5. Serve with white rice.

I made a terrible terrible mistake. Instead of 4 garlic cloves I have added 4 garlic bulbs. It looked fantastic, it smelled great but I did not taste the result and put it on a plate for my love to eat and rate. He looked at it and took a full bite. I was smiling, full of expectations of the praise to come. He chewed once and then he looked like he wanted to spit it out. He kept it in his mouth and his face distorted like he was having a stroke. I started paniking when I saw him looking desperately for something that he could not find on the table. He got up and ran to the closest toilet and spit everything out.

“Are you trying to kill me?! Bleaaagh!”

Slowly, I had a taste and it nearly killed my taste buds forever. It was disgusting! So much garlic! Garlic emporium! It was sooo bad I followed his trail to the bathroom and spat it out. Now I was looking at the chicken and wasted rice and had a fleeting thought about the children of Africa starving. I binned it.

Chicken Supreme
Chicken Supreme


  1. Great plating skills. I like the arrangement of peas but even a garlic fanatic like myself finds the thought a tad bit distasteful! It pays to pay close attention to the ingredients. Regardless, if it had not been for that occasion, I might not have anything to read here today!

    1. Well, I’ll post some other mis-adventures. Like the risotto that looked like (and I quote my bf here) “a sea of barf” or the un-cuttable cake made from peanut butter or the “dish destroyer”

  2. I love garlic so I find it hard to hate something with so much garlic in it, but I believe you. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, even if that thing is garlic…

    1. Oh, in my home country, we have a preference for garliky foods. We have spinach with garlic (boiled and flaked) and all the sausages on the market have it. We also have “mici” which look like meatballs but are long rather than round and very tasty.
      The best food with garlic is “ciorba de burta” – soup made from cow’s stomach and it’s absolutely fantastic! It looks like a soup filled with worms but the meaty stripes are sooo tasty! (Not everyone can stand the sight though!)

  3. I felt for you here though I chuckled a bit…can’t imagine how disappointing it was. Just 5 letters made the difference between tasty and not so tasty…

      1. hahah I remember my sister got told by our mom that she should finish her food since there are people in Somalia that cannot eat because they don’t have food… my sister said (she’s a lawyer now btw) “Mom, then go ahead and send them my leftovers!”


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