End of the World Joke

So God brings Obama, Sarkozy and Bill Gates to his office and says “Men, I’ve decided to bring an end to the world this Thursday — I want you to go back and tell your people.”

Upon his return, Obama holds a press conference and says “People of America, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that all these years we’ve been saying ‘one nation under God’ we’ve been right — there is a God.  The bad news is he is destroying the world on Thursday.”

Sarkozy makes an announcement to the Russian people and says “Brave Frenchmen, I have bad news and bad news. The first bad news is that we’ve been wrong all these years — there really is a God. The other bad news is he is going to destroy the world on Thursday.”

Bill Gates sends a video to all the Microsoft employees and announces, “I have good news and good news!” he tells them. “The first good news is that God called a meeting of the three people he thinks are the most important in the world and I was one of them because Windows is still the king. The other good news is that we do not have to worry about Windows Vista call offs after Thursday.”

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Written by theFerkel