8th of March – Let’s dress up!

Yes, it is the 8th of March. Mostly known as mother’s day in a variety of countries. What is really cool about this day is that women will be treated like the most special creatures on earth (myself included). I will be looking forward the stack of flowers from my male friends, perfume, jewlery and the delicious chocolates that will make my visit to the gym more dramatic.

As to what I will be treating my guy with? You guessed it! A special costume that I wear on this day and this day only.

Here’s a preview:

Be my angel

Be my angel πŸ™‚ (this is last year's get-up picks)

When it comes to what I’ll be picking for this year, I have a hunch I found my website πŸ™‚
C1imax.com (I was looking at the fairy tales because I got obsessed with the American series “Once Upon a Time”).

I’ll be posting the pictures tomorrow so be sure to check back in!

Written by theFerkel